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Courage Workshop

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Lucid Dreaming

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Nicolas Dohrmann



Nicolas Dohrmann is successfully leading an unconventional life.

In his childhood he already took the freedom to fully dedicate himself to the big questions of his life, without being subject to any other restraints.

At the age of 9, has assigned himself to the task of investigating and pursuing the evolution of individual consciousness. Until today, this task remains the focus of his work, as well as his everyday-life.

Establishing a sense of harmony in the individual is one of his biggest motivations on that way.

“At first, there is the individual that feels in harmony with itself. Such an Individual feels capable of acting and can carry the responsibility for itself. This is what makes a human being free. When one is truly free, this means, one is the best person, one is capable of being.”

The basic strategies, Nicolas Dohrmann is using in his life and work, are meditation and equanimous observation.

“This gives birth to a radical form of introspection, a deep rootedness in the self and the present moment. “

“The journey to liberating our potential is all about BEING somewhere, not getting somewhere. You won’t find the connection to your self in the future or the past. You can find it only in the present moment. “

As a gifted speaker, Nicolas Dohrmann succeeds in breaking down even abstract ideas of inner experience to entertaining and understandable information.

He knows how to fascinate people for the largely untapped possibilities of their own consciousness.

With his humble humor and captivating attentiveness, he reaches his audience where it is and gives them direct strategies, that are to be used in everyday-life.


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A charismatic Speaker and successful out of the box thinker.

Nicolas Dohrmann, takes the Audience where it is and carries them away. He aims right at the foundations of perceptions an thoughts. Through his speeches he creates an experience that is surprising, inspiring and sometimes even described as magical.

He understands his audience, stays with them and works with their comments with a lot of humour to create a connected experience.

He is an authentic speaker, talking about his own experience. The curiosity and passion, he feels for his work are sincere and contagious.



My coaching is not easy or available for everybody. But so far 100% of my clients were satisfied.

Coaching is both, intense and expensive.

When I take a contract, I give you a guaranty of success or you get back you cash.

We can work in an exclusive set on the topics I use to address in my Workshops and speeches. But for me the most inspiring thing about coaching is to find new challenges. In fact most of the topics I address in my work are the ones that former coaching clients brought to me.

What ever the topic might be you want to work with, what ever dream, wish or blockage you wish to address in our coaching you can be sure that 100% of my creativity and ambition will be directed to your goal until you are satisfied.

You should have the feeling that I am the right partner for you to reach your aim. If you think that what ever bothers you might be interesting for me, contact me and we talk about the details. I work in German and English language and I will travel to every country you choose. The number of coaching sessions each year is very limited. Every Year I fly around the World to help people.


After a coaching with Nicolas Dohrmann I always know specific strategies that I can integrate in my everyday life. He has a very special way of listening and relating to people. I appreciate his calmness, his attentiveness and his wide-ranging, as well as deep-reaching knowledge.
Judith GrunewaldMunich, Germany
The workshop has had an ongoing effect on me. It brought more calmness and consciousness into my life. Nicolas Dohrmann inspired me to continue working with meditation and the self. I had my doubts at the beginning but then realized how effective such a workshop can be. Nicolas Dohrmann has a profound knowledge and a very smart way of teaching. A coach like him is unique and enriching.
Max BlassCologne, Germany
The workshops of Nicolas Dohrmann help me to develop my own techniques. I learned to reconnect to my personal experiences of joy anywhere, anytime.I learned to create an emotional state that is only depending on my self. Whenever I require additional energy to master difficult situations, I can use this state as a source. The experience to actively change my state of consciousness gives me an immense sense of freedom.
Verena BorghorstGöttingen, Germany

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