Courage Workshop

Too often, courage is defined as a state free from fear. Yet, it’s not as simple as that. Both states can coexist, They can and go hand in hand with one other. Courageous are those people, that are able to act in spite of fear. In it’s natural form, fear is important and healthy. It warns and protects us. Fear only becomes a problem when it paralyzes us, such as when unconscious blockages sneak into our lives and stop us from acting.

The courage workshop examines such blockages. There is a wide range in which fear-rooted blockages manifest themselves. When a person perceives a difference between her ideal self, and the one she sees in her everyday life, she experiences a blockage. The gap between the ideal self and the self that is experienced, becomes too big. “Why am I not the person I want to be, and what prevents me from becoming so?” How many of these reasons are rooted in fear?


This workshop applies a diversity of techniques. They range from classical meditation to NLP (neurolinguistic programming,) working with affirmations, bodywork, personal analyses of the inner dialogue, and many more techniques. They are applied in a sensitive, as well as effective way. Additional, participants will learn many exercises and effective methods use in their everyday-lives.

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