Flow Workshop

At times, life just seems to treat us really well. And then at times it doesn’t. Why is it, that we perceive life in such different ways? …. The Flow-workshop is about finding out, why the flow just sometimes seems to disappear.

So what actually is flow? It is the feeling that things move your way. Perceiving your environment positively. There is a wide range of flow experiences and associated feelings; it can be different for everybody. Basically the state of flow is characterized by the feeling that the things you want to experience are in tune with the things you actually do experience. It is a joyful, untroubled way of handling whatever comes to your perception. This doesn’t mean that you don’t perceive frictions at times when you feel “in flow”. Once you get to a sense of being immerged into the flow of life however, all kinds of conflicts and irritations can be accepted and approached in a much more pleasant and effective way.

The flow-workshop is aimed at creating an understanding of why we step into this flow-experience, and why we loose it again, which is often linked to experiences of suffering.

The connection to your inner self makes up a big part of the “flow-feeling”. Things that disturb the flow, that disrupt the connection to the self, will be identified in this workshop. In this context, one possible question could be “why don’t I experience myself in harmony with the world anymore?”

Once you learned, how to establish a connection to your higher self and act out of your core, you can enter into states of flow consciously. Theses states are usually characterized by intense equanimity, inner peace and balance.

This workshop assists in reactivating important basic skills: How can I learn to pause, how can I learn to observe and to become conscious of my inner state? Which daily practice can help me in this process? How can I break my usual reaction-patterns and thus find a way of being that allows more freedom? The state of observing without reacting is essential for this kind of work. Another focus point is gaining awareness about the state of your own body.

The flow workshop addresses different levels. Body, mind, spirit, but also the personal environment are integrated. Reducing resistance, becoming an observer, coming closer to the inner self and many more skills will be explained.

The workshop is suitable for big and small groups, as well as individual sessions.

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