get closer to each other

This workshop is mostly designed for male participants. Human relationships and communication seem to be a natural part of our existence. At the same time, it is the place where most misunderstandings can arise.

Nowadays, our natural instinct to relate to other people almost seems to be cursed. Behavior that should come natural, is in many people connected to fears and insecurities. This is caused by misleading beliefs about how the contact between men and women ought to be.

Absurd marketing images show us in a more or less subtle way: if you drive this car, you will easily find a partner. What is it, that these messages suggest? We don’t know, what people find attractive! This makes us waste a lot of energy and time. It is not sustainable to mindlessly consume or devour masses of alcohol, hoping that this behavior will make us find a partner. How sustainable can an encounter be, that is based on consumer goods and drunk behavior?

Especially men seem to have difficulties in getting into contact with women. Sustainable encounters make us happy and fulfilled. We can create them by learning to establish a comfortable sense of security within ourselves; to show ourselves in an authentic way. This is contrary to manipulating or abusing others.

The workshop is also about learning how to do the “right” first steps in an encounter. In a protected space, participants have the chance, to explore the patterns, that are responsible for making encounters or relationships unsustainable.

The workshop follows a very interactive approach. Well-known dating advice is refined in an innovative way. Games and exercises are used to acquire these new skills. Fears and insecurities of the participants are treated with respect and empathy.

This workshop is unique because it shows encounters from a new angle. Every participant acquires at least a hand full of new insights. After visiting this workshop, you will enjoy encountering women.

This workshop is suitable for single sessions, as well as large and small groups.

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