Lucid Dreaming

We spend one third of our lives asleep. The time in which we dream however, can be used in a most blissful, creative and enriching way. Few people are aware of this.

Lucid Dreams are such dreams, in which one is completely conscious of the fact, that one is dreaming, and in which one can act according to free will.

Usually, the path to lucid dreaming is long. But according to science, we can all reach this state with sufficient motivation and competent support.

As soon as the first step to lucid dreaming is done, we experience a state, in which we are creators of our own world. Using this ability is more valuable, more exciting and joyful than any man-made entertainment.

Athletes can use lucid dreaming to practice complex movements, musicians can compose in their lucid dreams.

The growth of neural connections that we can achieve in our dreams is equal to the one in waking-states. Even muscles can be trained in our dreams.

Apart from that, dreams are a possibility to find out more about ourselves. What keeps me busy? What shapes my character? Subconscious motives and attitudes become visible and we can learn a language, in which we can communicate with our subconscious.

Mr Daniel Erlacher questioned 1.350 people over the last years and came to the conclusion that every second person already experienced a lucid dream in their life. Further, those who mastered the skill of lucid dreaming could do things that would have been out of reach for them in waking life, in just a few dream-seconds. –!5105196/

Scientific verification of lucidity in REM sleep is easy. The empirical evidence is provided by the analysis of eye movements during sleep. This methodology was first discovered by Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University.

LaBerge, Stephen (1990). “Lucid Dreaming: Psychophysiological Studies of Consciousness during REM Sleep”.

Nicolas Dohrmann discovered his ability of Lucid dreaming when he was 5 years old and has been using it ever since. Recently he started passing on his knowledge.

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